Dark Mahogany Peach wood Mala beads - Be Mindful Now

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Crafted with mala beads, this fragrant bracelet is infused with positive, calming energy.

Features: black capsule with 8.5-9 mm dark Mahogany Peachwood mala beads. (shown) Hand strung, connected by flexible black loops on each end.  *** the vibrating capsule may not be completely black  - we may use a clear center ring and button *** please see photo's below for example - Thank you!

We also have 10MM dark Mahogany Peachwood beads available - please note your order at check out if you prefer the larger beads or call 415 990 9009 to order.

Most people choose to wear the capsule on the inside of their wrist, which allows the beauty of the bracelet to be the focal point of the jewelry.

We call the Meaning to Pause bracelet 'functional jewelry' because the bracelet provides a specific function by prompting you to pause every 60 or 90 minutes with a 1-second, gentle vibration.

Made in the USA 

Capsule Specifications:

Length: 1.7"
Width: 0.92"
Thickness: 0.40"