QUALITY is everything to us! Our bracelets go through several steps of quality assurance verification to ensure that they pass our stringent standards. Each bracelet is tested at 3 separate stages of assembly before it is sent out. By the time it reaches you, rest assured, you have a quality product that is assembled and tested in the USA!

How to wear:

How to operate the pause capsule:  

The bracelet arrives to you “disabled” or in “sleep mode.” The internal clock is always running in 90 (or 60) minute intervals. 


You can disable the vibration by pressing the function button for 3 seconds or longer and releasing it. You will receive a short 1/2 second  vibrate acknowledging the sleep mode. (hold the capsule between your index finger and thumb – use thumb to firmly depress the button) AWAKE MODE:  

You can enable the vibration by pressing the function button for 3 seconds or longer and releasing it. You will receive 2 short vibrations  acknowledging the awake mode. 


If you want to change the start time of your interval, simply press the function button and release it. You will receive a longer 1.5 second  vibration acknowledging the reset. There is no way to modify a 60 min order to a 90 min order once received, this will need to be exchanged.

You can sync your pause bracelet with others to go off at the same time by simply pressing the function button at the same time and  releasing it. You will receive a longer 1.5 second vibration acknowledging that you have synced. 


I received my bracelet and it’s a little too tight.

Bracelets are designed to be worn comfortably snug. Getting an exact fit for each person can be a challenge. Depending on how tight it is, you can handle this one of two ways.

  1. Send your bracelet back to Meaning to Pause and exchange it for the next size up. As long as contact is made with us within 10 days of receipt of your bracelet and there are no visible signs of wear, this exchange is at no cost to you.
  2. Take your bracelet to a bead or craft store in your neighborhood. They should be able to assist you in expanding the size, resulting in a perfect, custom fit. This is also an opportunity to customize your bracelet by adding different kinds of beads or adding charms—have fun with it!

My bracelet rattles when it vibrates and is a little loud, why is this?

Tightening your bracelet, rather than wearing it loosely, helps to buffer the sound.

New batteries can be powerful and may make the motor rev stronger which will affect the sound and possibly rattle the beads. Please let us know if this is an issue and we can either send you a different battery or ask that you send the bracelet back so we can adjust sizing.

The elastic on my bracelet seems to be stretching out, how can I tighten it back up?

This is normal for an elastic band. We string each bracelet with double elastic to ensure maximum strength. There is no way to tighten the existing elastic.

Instead, you will need to have the beads restrung. Take your bracelet to a bead or craft store in your neighborhood and they can assist you. This is also an opportunity to customize your bracelet by adding different kinds of beads or adding charms—have fun with it! Alternatively, you can send your bracelet to us and we will restring it for you (shipping costs apply).

I think I got some water on my capsule, is it broken?

If the capsule was submerged in water – most likely, it won’t work again. If a small amount of water splashed on the capsule, remove the screws from the bottom and take the circuit board out and remove the battery. Allow the pieces to air dry for a couple hours and then reassemble the capsule. If everything is working again, possibly no harm was done.

My button was pressed accidentally which reset my 90 or 60-minute cycle. How did that happen?

The button can be pressed with anything that pushes on it. If you are leaning up against something and there is pressure on the button it might reset. This is only an issue if you have the bracelet synced with someone or a group of people. Just contact someone in the group and ask them to let you know the next time their capsule goes off. You can re-sync it to that time and be back in sync.

My capsule and beads became dirty. How do I clean it?

The capsule should be gently cleaned with a lightly damp towel. No products should be used on it because the coloring of the capsule could be damaged. The beads can be also cleaned with a lightly damp towel. If the Sterling Silver beads need cleaning use an approved Sterling Silver cloth to gently rub over each bead.

My capsule just stopped working. I tried a new battery and it still does not work.

First - make sure the battery is good and installed correctly. If it is incorrectly and within the 60-day warranty, then send the bracelet back to meaning to pause® for a warranty exchange. If the battery is good and installed correctly, and the unit is not working, then something has caused it to stop functioning. If the bracelet is over 60 days old, it is not covered under warranty.

I think I might be allergic to the plastic capsule.

Some people may experience an allergic reaction to silver or metal spacers. The plastic capsule is made of high quality, non-toxic plastic made from resin that has undergone biocompatibility testing and is approved for medical grade applications. However, should you have a reaction or you are aware of previous reactions to any metals, plastic or resins, please send the bracelet back to meaning to pause® for a full refund if it is within the 60 day warranty period.

What size battery does the capsule take?

The battery is a Lithium Technology 3V - CR1632. This is a very common battery and can be found anywhere batteries are sold, including Radio Shack, hardware, and most drug stores. If you would like to buy batteries from meaning to pause, please go to our online store and select “accessory pack.”

How do I change my battery?

Depending on when you bought your bracelet, you could have two different types of screws in your capsule. Look at the bottom and determine if the screw is a Philips Head or not. If it is a Phillips Head, then a small eyeglass repair screwdriver should work. If the screw does not have a Philips Head, then it is a Torx T3 screw. You can find Torx T3 screwdrivers at local hardware stores or you can buy an “accessory pack” in the meaning to pause online store which includes the Torx T3 screwdriver and 2 extra batteries.

How do I reassemble my bracelet after removing the screws to replace the battery?

Please watch the above video. It explains how to change your battery and reassemble your capsule. The parts stack up very easily and require just a bit of skill and patience.

  1. Remove the screws from the bottom
  2. Separate the top of the capsule from the bottom (and the ring in the middle)
  3. You should have the following parts in front of you: 3 screws, Top of capsule, Middle ring of capsule, Bottom of capsule, String of beads, Circuit board (battery clip on top)
  4. Remove the old battery and insert the new battery.
  5. Test the function button to ensure the new battery is working properly.
  6. Place the circuit board into the bottom of the capsule, then place the ring on so that it fits into the groves (careful not to stack it backward) and finally place the top of the capsule onto the stacked parts – make note of the function button placement.
  7. To add the strand of beads back into the capsule, lightly lift each side of the capsule ever so slightly to insert the ring onto the post. Be careful not to allow the capsule parts to come apart.
  8. Once the rings are back in place, insert each screw to the bottom and you are good to go!

Be careful not to tighten the screws so much that it puts pressure on the parts. Tighten just enough until you feel the screw is in place. Overtightening can cause the button to stop working.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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