Our Mission

To help people create more meaningful moments throughout their busy day.

Our Vision

For others to experience the ripple effect each pause creates—within ourselves, our families, our community, and our world. 

Our Story

We founded Meaning to Pause in 2008 with the intent to help people reframe their thoughts throughout the day. Our bracelet provides a gentle vibration every 60 or 90 minutes which gives the wearer a private reminder to stop, pause, and refocus.  (Patent #: U.S. D627,675 - issued November 2010) 

About the Founders

Krizia Irish and Cindy Graham became close friends while working together in business sales. After rushing through their chaotic days and distractions, the two realized how much they could benefit from a daily prompting to refocus their priorities.

After several failed attempts to create visual reminders, the idea for a gentle, vibrating reminder was born. The Meaning to Pause bracelet provides a private but deliberate reminder that helps wearers redirect thoughts on what really matters.

Thoughtful and meaningful actions can be anything; prayer, meditation, mindfulness of the present, celebrating a purpose, being grateful, or forgiving. Meaning to Pause vibration bracelets help the wearer live the best and most purposeful day, every day.