"I’ve purchased two bracelets from your wonderful company... I must tell you that your fantastic product has changed my life!

It’s been about three months and my level of presence has increased immeasurably. I wish I could properly convey in words what that little vibration has done to awaken me from the repetitive mind games our egos play on us!

Not any more...

Now I offer gratitude, thanks, or simply radiate joy when the vibration occurs. It’s like Thich Nhat Hanh says about church bells- when they ring, he practices mindfulness. Well there are no church bells where I live, but I have my bracelets! (Sometimes I wear both at the same time!) ...Thank you for this product that has brought so much joy to my life- the reverberations of which are felt throughout my day and undoubtedly out to the people around me."



"I love my bracelet and your service has always been excellent. You suggest many ways that the bracelet can be used. As I've mentioned to you previously, I use it for remembering my Lectio Divina phrase during the day. In case you are not familiar with that term, I read the mass prayers for that day reflectively. I may choose a phrase from the psalms or the gospel etc. I read that reading three times slowly before selecting a word or phrase that has special meaning for me. Once I have made my selection, that's the word or phrase I repeat during the day when my bracelet vibrates. It's my way of remembering the presence of God during the day." 

Barbara Sallettes


"... This is my 3rd meaning to pause bracelet. I don't remember when I got my first one, but I've been wearing one for years.. I wear it almost every day, including to work. I'm a psychotherapist and I do group counseling.

I'm always going on and on about how awesome the whole concept is, and proudly showing it off to my patients. I'm a huge fan.

Thanks for such a great idea and wonderful product!"



"I love my bracelets so very, very much! I have three of them now. Not only are they super stylish to wear, but they keep me relaxed all day long. Every hour on the hour, I take 3 deep breaths. I recommend these to everyone I know. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my meaning to pause bracelets. Such a creative and MEANINGFUL idea. Oh, and I forgot to mention what GREAT customer service I have received. There were problems with the fit on one of my bracelts, and that was resolved right away. Nothing but raves for this bracelet and this company! Yay! " 

Sharon Rossman


"I find these bracelets and their Creator to both be brilliant. We could all use a reminder to keep our hearts open stay in gratitude and to stay on track with our goals. It also helped a friend of mine stop smoking." 

Kaitlyn Keyt, founder of VibesUP


"These bracelets are absolutely amazing! Before I moved out of state, I bought ones for my parents, sister, and myself and we synced them to vibrate at the same time so we can pause to think of one another throughout the day. I highly recommend that you check them out! " 

Joni Cakes


"I wanted you to know that I took a meditation class, and the teacher recommended the bracelets. He had tried all kinds of reminders including apps on his cell phone, and he realized that every call to be mindful ended up with him being distracted by technology. He loved the beauty of your bracelets and the absolute simplicity in that they have a single purpose and accomplish that purpose perfectly. I’ll email him to let him know how spot on he was in his recommendation and what a pleasure it is to be your customer. Thank you from the heart!" 



"I had to write! As a practitioner of mindfulness (or trying to be) Meaning to Pause is going to be a game-changer for me. I am, like so many of us, very busy. As a full-time caregiver to a very difficult lady with Alzheimer's and the owner of a Reiki & Massage/Energy Work Studio, some days I feel like I barely take time to breathe, let alone "pause".

My bracelet arrived yesterday just before I went to work with my patient and what a difference it made! Being gently reminded hourly to pause, center, and re-focus my thoughts made a huge difference in our evening together!

Today, those hourly pauses have reminded me to set an intention for World Peace, and to pray for those who have dark thoughts in their heart, that those thoughts will be transformed by all those sending Light and Love to them. I was not surprised to find when I looked at the page that talks about how others are using the bracelet that 41% chose "World Peace" as their reason to pause.
Thank you so much for such a simple, wonderful tool!

I just place my order for another one for my fiance. Namaste!"



"This bracelet is perfect for me.. after years of trying to be mindful during the day.. this bracelet has succeed in helping me stop and think and live in moment. I feel better, I am more relaxed during the day, I am happier, and most of all I am sleeping better.
Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful bracelet. I am buying many for gifts"

Lynn Fernandes


"Hello, My name is Dr. Wendy Whitehurst. I recently spoke with you on the phone regarding my second purchase of your pause bracelets. It wasn't long ago that I lost my husband, Charles E. Whitehurst. At the same time, my daughters had graduated from college and moved on to their dream jobs. Simultaneously, my black lab of 12 years had to be put down due to a tumor. This left me all alone in my life. I had a beautiful career as a principal in Delaware that I loved, but I felt lost personally. I decided to retire, move to FL to live near one of my daughters. Times were tough. It was hard to think positive and move forward. That's when I heard about your bracelet from Joel Osteen's wife on T.V.

I immediately ordered a beautiful sterling silver pause bracelet. When it came in the mail, I put it on and felt so uplifted. Every time I felt the vibration, I stopped and thought of all the things I was thankful for and reframed my mind to have positive self talk. It has truly changed my life! Every time it vibrates now, I smile and feel as though God is tapping me on the shoulder as I talk with HIM about life.

It's such a small token, but a huge reminder of how to change our self talk all throughout the day. I loved it so much that I recently bought 4 more; 2 for my daughters, 1 for my daughter's best friend, and 1 for my best friend in Delaware that I miss so deeply.

Thank you for helping to change my daily mindset and life."

Wendy Whitehurst


“Thank you so much. I'm so in love with my "Pause." Not only will I be buying as gifts, but I will be recommending to other women attending a meditation retreat I'm going to at the end of this month. Your fantastic customer service will definitely be part of my glowing review.
Thank you for everything.”

JB West, PhD


“After trying a lot of mindfulness reminders, this is the only one that's really working! I'm now wearing it for more than a year and a lot of people asked about my 'secret'. Now they ordered altogether a lot more pauses. We from the other side of the world, Holland would like to thank you!”

Kind regards,


"I LOVE MY bracelet and have been giving them as gifts - thank you for making the world a better place! "

Valerie Sachiko Smith


“Hey guys. just wanted you to know. I have ordered about 6-8 of your bracelets and given them away. They are the best!!!! I really believe they help make the world a better place and help people's lives. Thank you so much.”

Fritz Healy


“Your product is WONDERFUL!

I am a 67 year old Ob/Gyn physician, who has tried for years to live my days in mindfulness. Being human, however, I keep falling back into forgetfulness. I did not expect much from my first Pause bracelet, but I was wrong. It is a perfect little bell of mindfulness. After a few days of it drawing you back into the present moment by vibrating, you adapt to this and anticipate it. At that point simply being aware of the Pause bracelet's presence on your wrist will remind you to come back into reality…

I hope your business thrives, and many other people discover, as I have, the benefits of your product. I enjoy the variety that I have, and rotate them by mood and color. I find them personally very helpful. I used to think that I was horrible at "holding" mindfulness for even 20% of the time. I eventually came to realize that we are all terrible at it. Our minds are so strong, and our habit energies so hard wired. My 20 year old grandson was very impressed with mine, and said "it was like combining a Buddhist monk with high tech, and they both live on your wrist.

"I have great respect for you and your product. If I was a Billionaire, I would purchase a Pause bracelet for every individual on Earth willing to accept and to use it. The chances of achieving eventual world peace would be greatly enhanced.”

Thank You!
James Riley MD


“I LOVE my bracelet!!!! OMG. Love it. I wave it around in front of everyone I talk to so that they ask me about it.
Genius idea!”

Sarah R


“I’m a true believer already, and wanted you to know how impressed I am. This is one of the best tools for coming to presence that I know of. Thank you so much for inventing it!”

Sarah Susanka - Author of "The Not So Big Life"


I love my "meaning to pause" bracelet. It is a valuable mindfulness tool that I will be using to help keep me centered and focused during very challenging times. And an added bonus were the company's postcards that came with the bracelet. They included many valuable words of wisdom that I can also use to re-frame my thoughts throughout the day. Thank you!



Meaning to pause bracelets have been so inspiring and life changing to our community. Self development and awareness can be hard and challenging on it's own. As a yoga instructor I'm always reminding myself as well as my students to remember to breathe and to observe  our inward script. The "meaning to pause bracelet" has been an amazing tool that empowers my daily practice. As well as my students to remember to pause, breathe, observe and let go. 

Meaning to pause bracelets are made with powerful intent and are beautifully crafted with unique and high vibrational beads. Each bracelet is unique and beautiful. There is no two alike. A true reflection just like us.

I feel the "meaning to pause" bracelet has been a true inspiration of awareness in my life. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool that benefits not only myself but it ripples out to all mankind.

Namasté Patty Gorder 


I absolutely love the bracelet that I purchased from you. my wife accuses me of chasing rabbits all day. That is to say that I start a task then get side-tracked and start something else without finishing the first task. This neat little bracelet seams to help to keep me on track. Thanks you guys!!

Jim Greenwald 


The bracelet was a success with the 2 students who tried it out. One used it as a reminder of mindfulness (take a breath) to cope with anxiety/inattention and the other one used it as a reminder to stop a bad habit (cutting/self harm). Both enjoyed wearing it and found it helpful in developing a new habit. I have…. other group members, who are eager to try it out. Issues they will use them for include bad habit, inattention/spacing out, self compassion, depression and negative thoughts.

Celeste Le Duigou, MSW, RSW, LCSW
Child and Youth Counsellor - Castlegar BC


"The pace of life seems to increase day by day, we have technology that has massively increased the pressures on us and the amount of information that is thrown at us on a daily basis. The pressure is so intense for many of us that we don’t have a few minutes to relax. So much so that every available minute needs to be utilized.  A 100 meter sprinter cannot maintain his frantic pace indefinitely, if he attempted to he would eventually collapse.  In the same way if we continue to drive ourselves harder and faster we will essentially suffer the consequences. We all ‘mean to pause’ and take a break and relax. This is why I was so excited by the Meaning to Pause bracelet - a simple, regular reminder to stop and have a break or even just to take a deep breath. We shouldn’t need reminding, as we shouldn’t need an alarm clock, however the way that many of us conduct our lives this is a very welcome and needed reminder. I am very grateful for the ‘Meaning to Pause’ bracelet to remind me to stop every 90 minutes!" 

Neil Shah, Director, The Stress Management Society


"Thank you for such a meaningful product. Using my Pause bracelet definitely enhances my Zen Buddhist practice. Every 90 minutes, no matter how busy I am, I'm gently and silently reminded to center myself and say a short prayer. No body knows I'm doing it. It's really fantastic. I chose the polished onyx and black Pause, very sharp looking. I'm telling all of my friends and clients about your wonderful product."

Sincerely, Phil H.

"I love my bracelet and I'm telling everyone. I bought one for my son and he also finds it very useful. Thanks for a great idea."

Barbara Helm


"I got my bracelet and just love it. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful tool for mindfulness and calm. I suffer from GAD with obsessive tendencies (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and keeping my mind focused on the present is my best defense, but I forget and/or get distracted. This bracelet is already keeping me in the present and my mind from wandering and obsessing! Thank you again."



"I truly appreciate your bracelets… All three bracelets are so beautiful to wear and look at and get me down to earth every hour. THANK YOU."

Elisabeth Dillon – Master Gardener


"I very much admire the genius of your Pause bracelets, and plan to order three more prior to the Feb. 27th end of the MindfulGiftPC special. Yes, they are all for my own use; I am hooked. I love your product, and look forward to soon owning seven of them."

Thanks much, James


"I love the Pause Bracelet - I gave most of them to family - my son who is a doctor in Boston says it has changed his life so Thank-you."

Karen Smith-Rohrberg


"Thank you so much for your wonderful bracelets. Have changed my life for the better!"

Julie Miller


“I just received my bracelet yesterday and I am totally in love! It occurred to me that my husband might benefit from such a bracelet, and when I showed it to him and how he might value it, he immediately said yes! So, we’ll be looking at the options and ordering one for him too!

Also, I am part of a large spiritual community in which this bracelet would be a huge blessing for many peoples’ practices! I will be passing along your company name and info to them so they might also consider your bracelet for themselves… and therefore for the wellbeing of the universal community!

What a delight… in so many ways!

My heart is full!

Blessings to you from your grateful customer”

Mary Beth


“I use my meaning to pause bracelet daily. . .which is a good thing, since I don't have an easy time practicing what I preach.”

Terry Hershey - Author of "The Power of Pause Becoming More by Doing Less" 


"I received my beautiful sandalwood Meaning to Pause bracelet in the mail last week and am thrilled! Each day since I have been gently reminded every hour to take a breath, give gratitude or send healing thoughts to someone in need. I decide each morning how I will use my 'pause' for that particular day. Yes, sometimes I'm in a meeting and can't always take the few minutes to reground myself, but even that I've accepted and just appreciate the gentle reminders as they come. "

Barb L. Ontario, Canada


“From the moment I activated the Pause, my awareness of the present moment and my breathing has been heightened. I am grateful to you both for thinking of a way to bring people back to the moment. I love my new bracelet, and will definitely be ordering more and recommending them to my friends and family. So, pause and take a bow, because I'm giving you a standing ovation! ”

Jennifer Lisk


“Meaning to Pause is set to create a revolution in consciousness. I personally wear a Meaning to Pause bracelet, and I notice a huge difference in the quality of my life and my relationships.  I highly recommend Meaning to Pause!  The main purpose of my show is to help highlight and promote people who are doing work that has the potential to transform the world, and I think that what you are doing can absolutely be that transformative.”

Douglas Foresta - Motivational Speaker, Therapist and Radio Host 


Once in a blue moon something comes along and grabs your attention. Something that grabs you and won't let you go. I consider this a lovely bracelet that pleasantly reminds you to "pause" and reminds me to love. Just by a gentle vibration. There is a peace in my life that passes all understanding and it doesn't take me long to appreciate the gift and the presence of the now. Life has a chance to exist in a simple and sane way that God created it to be. By the Grace of God that I can hear the still small voice, "I love You Lori and I love you God. "

Lori T.


“One of the most effective ways I have found of introducing mindfulness to kids is by use of the pause bracelet... There is a slight vibration every 60 or 90 minutes reminding the child to pause and use “secret breathing” techniques I have taught them. It looks like any other bracelet and makes no sound. Kids I have seen feel special and more confident.”

Dr. Richard Raubolt (comment on nicabm blog) 


As a stress management specialist and wellbeing coach I practice and advocate the use of tension taming techniques for myself and my clients. These include deep breathing, mindfulness and gratitude. Wearing my meaning to pause bracelet, which gently vibrates every 90 minutes, reminds me to do these regularly throughout the day. In working with my clients 1:1 and in group training sessions, I highly recommend the meaning to pause bracelets as a way of regularly incorporating these techniques into our busy lives to help us to maintain balance and general wellbeing. The bracelets not only look good, but are highly functional and make a wonderful gift. Caroline King ~ Worrier 2 Warrior, United Kingdom

Caroline King
Stress Management Specialist and Wellbeing Coach


“They came!!! They came!!! Oh WOW... they are so gorgeous. I just LOVE them. Thank you so much. They are both so beautiful, I couldn't decide which to wear first so I have them on both wrists :) They are a perfect fit and I am just so happy with them both….”

“I wear my Pause bracelet each and every day. It is the most wonderful spiritual tool. Even when the reminder is not going off, just feeling it against my skin reminds me to keep my focus where it needs to be. I am more than happy with both my very stylish Pauses. Thanks so much”

Tracie Louise


"This bracelet is what I've been waiting for! It holds beauty AND meaning, and it's a blessedly simple way for me to pause and come back to the present moment throughout the day."

Anne Marie Bennett


“We received your bracelets today.... goodness!! Beautiful!!... Truly special, I couldn't wait to wear mine and have received many compliments. Your work will be a blessing to Unity Center of Miami. Abundant Blessings and Prosperity”…



“Thanks so much...I am so happy with it!

We purchased one for me, then one for our daughter . She has been going through a serious illness for the past two months. When we wait at radiology centers and doctor's offices- often her bracelet will buzz. We each take 3 deep breaths and then ask each other "what's good here!" It has been so helpful in training us to stop, be mindful, breath and be grateful in the moment.

It has really made a difference in our lives. It's a tangible thing we can do, separately and when we are together, to remember that life isn't only about  illness and suffering.

What a blessing its been!

I am so happy to have a reminder to pause, breathe and be grateful. I will be buying more bracelets in the future to share with friends and family.

Anne K.


"Thank you for knowing at, especially at this time of year, I NEEDED to pause. It has brought forth the moment to reflect, feel my blessings… and be thankful. Timely for sure."



"This is just a note to tell you that my pause bracelet has changed my life!! My husband left me, and I was looking for ways to heal, when I saw a small ad for your pause bracelet. I thought it was a great idea, and I knew that pausing periodically in my day might be a way to deal with my sadness and sense of loss. So……..I bought one. To my delight and surprise, it has been the perfect thing to help me move forward. Every day I change the mantra that I use when it gently pulses to remind me to pause. I have used several mantras: I forgive Tom, and I forgive myself; Live in the light; Joy abounds; Be happy; etc. It has helped me immeasurably, and I will continue to wear it as I move through the many changes that this separation is bringing to my world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Oh, and bless you, too! Your little pulsing pauser could change the whole world if we all wore one, expressing gratitude for one small thing each time it reminded us to pause."



"My meaning to pause bracelet has deepened my daily meditation practice by bringing it off the cushion and into my daily life. My friends have benefited as well since I encourage them to pause for 3 breaths when my bracelet vibrates. They have seen the benefits, admired the beautiful bracelet, and been encouraged to buy their own. Perhaps the best example came when I was in a rather tense meeting. Just as I was getting entangled, my bracelet vibrated, reminding me to pause, take a breath, relax my mind, stop talking and listen to others in the room."

Sue Scheibler


"I absolutely LOVE this product. I do a daily Course in Miracles lesson that has to be remembered and repeated throughout the day and I finally have a tool that I can use to remind me. It is changing my life!
….Everyone should have one of these. It can have a HUGE impact on your life! "



"Thank you for making my granddaughter's Pause bracelet to custom fit her needs. The small size is perfect and I appreciate that you used heavier thread. Gracie remembers to wear it every day and thinks of her own goal for her day in her classroom. She writes her goal on a little piece of paper and puts it in a special China box. Her sisters are very jealous! "

Sincerely, Margie Tamori 


"Got a bracelet for my 11 year old daughter when I got my own. AMAZING to see how quickly kids "get it." When her reminder goes, she… closes her eyes and pauses what ever she is doing. AND get this: she's got the whole family to follow her lead!"

Matt P


"I love my Meaning to pause bracelet!! My Mom and I live far apart, we both have one and have synchronized them together so that when mine reminds me to pause so does my Mom's. Each time it signals me i think of her. xoxox this is a great gift for anyone near or far!"



"I received my bracelet, not sure if it would really help, I put it on. It feels so comforting to wear it. This bracelet pauses me during my day and helps me to focus on all the blessing God has placed in my life, the wonderful people who have been so helpful, and all the things I have to be grateful for. I thank you for this inspiring and beautiful tool!!"



“I love my bracelet. The jade beads are perfect. It took a few days to get use to the vibration but now I'm in sync and love "pausing" through out the day. I gave the other one to a friend of mine and our bracelets are in sync.

Thank you so much for a product that brings so much meaning and joy. I was recently diagnosed with endometrial and ovarian cancer. It's not my first rodeo - I've had breast cancer 15 years ago. This time feels different. I don't know what it is but it's different. My bracelet reminds be to breathe, enjoy the moment, feel grateful, and celebrate life. I'm not dying, heck no! But I do need to remind myself to stop and be mindful.

Thank you so much.”



"My pause bracelet has helped me slow down, breathe and not worry about things that are not going to happen.  My worries went down from a 10 to a 3 and my breathing tricks helped me feel good in everything."

Brennon (age 10)


“This is such a neat and productive idea.  Time goes so fast and much of what I wanted to do is forgotten unless I do it immediately - which I can't always do.  There is something about having this bracelet remind me so I stop what I am doing and do the important thing. I always make time to pray when I'm in bed but now I can do it every 90 min. all day.  Wish I had thought of this idea.  Hope your new year is especially blessed.” 



“I received my bracelet and have been wearing it ever since!  This is absolutely perfect for the “Timer Process” that I teach!  The bracelet looks great and works perfect!  When it goes off – I look around to find what I can appreciate at that very moment. I am loving the mini-appreciation breaks I am taking every 90 minutes!   Thanks for a great product!” 



“Thanks to my Pause bracelet...I am having one of the most STRESS-FREE holidays!  It absolutely amazes me the times that it goes off as they are always when I need the reminder the most.” 



"It is kicking up my “A Course in Miracles” practice to a much higher level.  It's wonderful to truly remember my workbook lessons every hour."

Rev Tony


“After wearing and using the bracelet now for almost 2 weeks, I can categorically state it is a big hit! I am so busy and I admit my prayer life has dwindled to a brief last minute exhaustion prayer at bed and a quick one at each meal followed by me playing catch up on “Sunday at church. Since wearing it, it has definitely forced me to “Pause” and take a moment to reflect on the many blessings God has bestowed on us as a family as well as my business. I have made it a habit of every time it vibrates, I state the: “Prayer of Jabez” It really does settle me down and reflect!! My wife and daughter love theirs also! Thanks again and may God Bless you mightily in this important endeavor!”

Garrett Harwood


"For anyone else who's not tried the meaning to pause bracelets yet, they are beautiful and they work!"

Suzie Price of "Priceless Professional Development"


“I got the Meaning to Pause bracelet in December as a Christmas present to myself and it has changed my life in dramatic ways - I use it to remember my daily spiritual lesson in the Course in Miracles and am now slowly becoming a more centered joyful and loving person. This bracelet reminds me to think good productive thoughts every 90 minutes and to dream my dreams and what a difference it makes to get out of your normal thought patterns and reach for the sky!”

Lynne Morin


I love this bracelet! I am a mother of twin toddler girls and have a full time sales job. I constantly have a running list in my head of "things to do". My Meaning to Pause bracelet gives me a short break from all the noise of everyday life. I use it for positive reinforcement, "I can do this", and as a reminder to send a quick text to a family member or friend to let them know I'm thinking about them.
Ordering and shipping were easy and quick. There are multiple choices in colors and styles. I see this as an investment in "me" and a cool way to accessorize my wardrobe. My friends constantly ask me about the customized bracelet I have created, but I encourage them to create their own and take time to Pause! Highly recommend.



“I have one also...and I love it...it really has allowed to stop and take time for myself...and I love what I learned about it tonight on my radio show...how they can be globally synced or used as a group...or prayer groups...I think I am going to get one for my Best Friend for her birthday...we don't get to see each other much anymore due to the busyness of out lives...this may be a way that we will know that we are still praying for one another.”

Any L. Harden - Radio Host Blog Talk Radio 


"I got a message through LinkedIn about the Meaning To Pause Bracelet and had to check it out. I have been looking for years for a way to remind myself to stop during the day to reflect and be present. This bracelet seemed like the answer. I immediately ordered one and it got here very quickly. From the moment I opened the package it was obvious that this bracelet was made with love. The first couple of days I wore it I realized how asleep I am most of the time as I was woken up from my stupor by this gentle vibration. The bracelet is also beautiful – awareness, beauty and love – what else can you ask for?"



“I think what meaning to pause has created is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself by taking a moment to pause.  I think we lose that.  We are always wishing away our time thinking about the next day, upcoming vacation, birthday, etc., that we aren’t enjoying the present moment.  It helps to connect us to the HERE and NOW…I love my bracelet.  I use it to pray for our troops and their families.  I cannot imagine being so far away from home and family.  I pray that they can come home safely and soon.”

Father Mark


“This personal reminder has been so helpful.  It’s a great feeling!  It is a rest I use to center myself in the moment…..to live in the now and trust in the future.  I ask myself if I could be doing more. It is great to take mini pauses to allow me to adjust my attitude and match my actions to my purpose.”



“From the moment I put the Pause bracelet on I felt a difference.  Every day we go about our tasks, at work and home, always in a hurry, many times on a deadline or within a time frame.  Our mind is always focused on tasks.  But the Pause changed my outlook.  When the alert goes off I have a personal choice.  Whether it is a personal goal such as prayer or meditation or special person or just to PAUSE, to put my thoughts in check and get on the path that is really important to me.  When I take the Pause off, I feel something is missing.”



“I just wanted to reach out. I have loved the meaning to pause bracelet for years, but it was poignant that was returned after my customized/update request on the day of a mass shooting at the Local Community College (Roseburg OR). I have PTSD, hypervigilance and anxiety on an "average" day. I use the MTP for anxiety, for contemplation, and prayer reminder, but this is one of those times where the extra reminder is truly needed. Thank you from the core of my being.”



“My pauses yesterday were very meaningful and insightful.  It is serving as a meaningful tool in my days.  Even if I really don't know what to do with my pause, I take 10 deep breaths.  I am finding it to be very cleansing when my mind gets filled with clutter that normally creates anxiety for me.  The pause acts as a buffer in between all the noise in my day. I am enjoying my pauses so much and I am thankful that I have this in my life now.”



“I really love the bracelet. I feel empowered to be a good person.  It’s a subtle reminder to be in a good mood, to be nice to people, to say thanks for all that I have and to enjoy being alive.  I really like the change in mindset it provides me.  Wearing the bracelet helps me to choose to be happy, thankful, aware, kind, positive and hopeful!  I feel a sense of relief when my pauses go off. This is truly groundbreaking!”


“Pause is something that goes beyond logic and is an experience for a way of life opposed to just a product.  Almost instantly upon using Pause, I found myself taking a lot more time throughout the day to enjoy the moment and appreciate those people and environment that I was in.  By having a simple reminder to take step back and realize you are living in the moment, you can’t help but smile and appreciate how grateful and fortunate we really are to have the resources and freedom available to us and that our actions can influence others.  This positive appreciation is easily passed to those around you creating an even greater environment.”



“It is a great experience to wear my pause bracelet. At first, I had to force myself to stop and pause, but I learned that I am capable to slow down, breath, think and pray in the middle of my day, while driving, cooking, running around…just when you think there's just no time to do any of that. I realized this is something we all MUST do, and wearing the pause bracelet will remind everyone of the important things in life. Sadly, pausing is not something we remember to do often enough. The bracelet solves the problem! I end every day knowing that I use my pauses well…I feel very fulfilled.”


“This bracelet has changed my life! My goal for this year is to be more mindful, which is difficult in the busyness of life. This bracelet reminds me to pause, reflect and pray right in the moment I am in. I have only had the bracelet for one week, but I am feeling more at peace during my day. This past few months have been difficult as my dad went to be in Heaven...I so needed this special bracelet in my life at this time. I think everyone would benefit from a bracelet like this, whatever \"pause\" they need in their lives. I will be ordering a second one very soon!”



I LOVE MY BRACELET!! The stone and workmanship is of the highest quality. The care put into making the piece is obvious. I am a busy Mom and very hard on my Jewelry, it looks amazing after all of the handwashing and sanitizer ect....I often forget to take a breather to reset and refocus. Having the reminder with the Bracelet has made a bigger impact than I originally thought. I look forward to my "pause" every day. I am more focused and calmer as a result of wearing it. I highly recommend Meaning to Pause. Once you have a Bracelet you will be amazed at the impact on your day.