Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone ... The Ripple Effect

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Considered the stone of awareness, Lapis Lazuli can stimulate your consciousness towards realizing your perfect self. As a vibration bracelet, Lapis Lazuli helps wearers pause to contemplate their true nature. Its energy is key to opening the door to self-acceptance.

Features: Lapis Lazuli 8mm stone beads, with one Sterling Silver bead in the center of the band. Hand strung, connected by black flexible rings on each end.

Note: the color of the Lapis stones may be enhanced. It can leave a slight blue tint on the skin the first few times wearing it, especially when worn in combination with body lotion or sun screen. 

Capsule Specifications:
Length: 1.7"
Width: 0.92"
Thickness: 0.40"

Most people choose to wear the capsule on the inside of their wrist, which allows the beauty of the bracelet to be the focal point of the jewelry.

We call the Meaning to Pause bracelet 'functional jewelry' because the bracelet provides a specific function by prompting you to pause every 60 or 90 minutes with a 1-second, gentle vibration. 

Made in the USA