Natural Lava Rock - with or without Tibet Silver

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Gain strength and courage in times of change. Authentic black Lava beads fortify your connection to Mother Earth, emanating grounding energy that calms and dissipates anger.

Lava rock beads are powerful and unique, made of igneous volcanic rock subjected to intense heat and pressure. Each bead is one-of-a-kind, varying in shine, depth of color, and texture.  Picture shows 8mm beads with Tibet silver Buddha head and spacers.

**You can also infuse your lava bracelet with a favorite essential oil too!! 

If you prefer to have your lava bracelet without any Tibet Silver beads or if you would like the beads to be 10MM please Just let us know: or text 415 990 9009 after your order.

Each bracelet is hand-strung, connected by dark flexible rings on each end.
Please note: Due to the natural variance in Lava Rock beads, bracelets can vary in size up to 1/4".


Capsule Specifications:
Length: 1.7"
Width: 0.92"
Thickness: 0.40"

If you need a custom size, no problem. Select "custom size" from the drop-down menu and let us know your size request at checkout.

Most people choose to wear the capsule on the inside of their wrist, which allows the beauty of the bracelet to be the focal point of the jewelry.

We call the Meaning to Pause bracelet 'functional jewelry' because the bracelet provides a specific function by prompting you to pause every 60 or 90 minutes with a 1-second, gentle vibration.

Made in the USA