Many of today’s most admired leaders, authors, speakers, pastors, priests and mentors remind us to PAUSE.

They say..."If you could just pause for a moment during your busy day to reflect upon that which is important to you"... "Pause for GOD and remember he is always with you"... "Hit the pause button and reflect upon the current moment in your life. Are you being who you want to be? Are you being “Authentic” in this moment?... "Could you have more patience in the present moment? ...... Are you living your best life right now?

We agree with the experts! We listen to their words, we try to take their direction and advice but for most of us we get caught up in the chaos of the day and forget to pause because we do not have the tools. No one has told us exactly how to make sure we pause. No one has given us something to prompt us to take that pause.

Until now. The meaning to pause® bracelet will provide a gentle vibration several times throughout the day to prompt you to pause. The device can also be synchronized with others so that groups of individuals can be prompted at the same time throughout the day.

Some ideas on how to use your pause for “Family:”

• Tell your child that you are proud of them
• Tell your spouse or partner you respect, love and appreciate them
• Ask an aging parent or family member for wisdom or advice
• If you and your husband are going through tough times – synchronize your capsules
• Replace negative thoughts with positive ones about your relationships
• Teenagers who wear a bracelet can be reminded to pause and do the right thing
• Surprise your spouse with a loving act of kindness – they will respond well
• Do something out of the ordinary for your child that is special
• Text your family member with an uplifting message
• Plan a spontaneous family event
• Reflect on a core family value and act upon it
• Remember a family member who has passed on and say a prayer

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