Many of today’s most admired leaders, authors, speakers, pastors, priests and mentors remind us to PAUSE.

They say..."If you could just pause for a moment during your busy day to reflect upon that which is important to you"... "Pause for GOD and remember he is always with you"... "Hit the pause button and reflect upon the current moment in your life. Are you being who you want to be? Are you being “Authentic” in this moment?... "Could you have more patience in the present moment? ...... Are you living your best life right now?

We agree with the experts! We listen to their words, we try to take their direction and advice but for most of us we get caught up in the chaos of the day and forget to pause because we do not have the tools to pause. No one has told us exactly how to make sure we pause. No one has given us something to prompt us to take the pause.

The meaning to pause® (patent pending) bracelet will gently notify you throughout the day, every 90 minutes. When notified, you can decide just how you want to use your pause...

Some ideas on how to use your pause for “Prayer and Meditation:”

• Pray – 5 seconds – 5 minutes – 30 minutes!
• Be still and know that God is with you – right at this moment
• Give thanks for all the blessings in your life
• Meditate on improving something about the way you treat others
• Look to the heavens and pray for peace on earth
• Meditate on your breathing - take deep cleaning breathes
• Give thanks for the difficult times you have learned from
• Ask for forgiveness or forgive someone else
• Consider what the Lord would do if in your place at this moment
• Recite your favorite prayer
• Give thanks for what you do have – not what you don’t have
• Just say hello to God – He enjoys it when we direct our thoughts on Him


Some ideas on how to use your pause for “Present Moment:”

• Stop what you are doing – soak in the present moment – whatever is happening right then
• Push out negative, destructive thoughts – replace with positive uplifting thoughts
• Decide that you will only do one thing at a time – rather than doing 4 things at once
• Be still and know that He is God
• If you are eating, savor every bite and visualize the nutrients that the food provides your body
• Be aware of the people around you
• Focus your awareness on YOU. Are you being authentic at this present moment?
• Be conscious of your thoughts are they in the past, future or present? Live only in the present
• Stop what you are doing and be grateful for the beauty around you
• Are you at peace? Reflect on creating peace in your life – right now!
• Simply be
• Ask yourself if you are awake and aware


When we do any of these things (and more) we have an impact on others and ultimately the world. Remember that what you do, how you respond, what you say, will touch another person’s life. You might find the reminder comes to you at “just the right moment”...just when you need it most!

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