We know that entire organizations can greatly benefit from pausing in a common effort.

Take for instance Alcoholics Anonymous – whose participants are taught to “take one day at a time.” Breaking that day further into sessions every 90 or 60 minutes will help them to get through an entire day easier by being mindful of their addiction.

Below are additional suggestions:

  • Religious organizations: praying or caring for a particular event or people. If all members were synced, they could achieve their desired results of praying or caring in unison
  • Weight Watchers: being mindful of hunger, meals and eating healthy
  • Charitable organizations that are rallying together to make a difference (AIDS, Leukemia, Cancer, Heart Association)
  • Professional organizations attempting to achieve a common goal

Many of today’s most admired leaders, authors, speakers, pastors, priests and mentors remind us to PAUSE.

They say..."If you could just pause for a moment during your busy day to reflect upon that which is important to you. Are you living your best life right now?

We agree with the experts. We listen to their words, we try to take their direction and advice but for most of us we get caught up in the chaos of the day and forget to pause because we do not have the tools to pause. No one has told us exactly how to make sure we pause. No one has given us something to prompt us to take the pause.

Until now. The meaning to pause® bracelet will provide a gentle vibration several times throughout the day to prompt you to pause. The device can also be synchronized with others so that groups of individuals can be prompted at the same time throughout the day.

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